Introduction of Anusara Yoga.


Introduction of Anusara Yoga-

The introduction of Anusara Yoga is the new series of courses taught by Thomas J. Meyer and Danilo Campos at the Yoga Alliance Academy. It covers basic Yoga for beginners, including Aasana (Standing Forward Bend), Vrikshasana (Seated Forward Bend), Supta Virasana (Spinal Twist), and Prakriti Padottanasana (Upward Facing Dog).


The first course is very simple, consisting of three sequences: Basic Yoga for Beginners, Basic Vinyasa, and Intermediate Vinyasa, each with a brief description of the technique. All are available online and also come in audio CD format for a low monthly fee.


The second course is more of a guide than a textbook, although there is an introductory chapter by Daniel Joseph explaining why some poses are easier than others. He also provides information on how to correctly adjust one’s posture while performing certain poses. It is available on an annual subscription basis.


The third course is focused on learning Vinyasa and the movements associated with it, with chapters on Kegel exercises, balancing poses, and other basic yoga basics. The book, which is split into three parts, is available as a PDF file or as a hardbound book. For the hardbound version, there are twelve DVDs to choose from.


The book is not only a great resource to gain knowledge of Yoga, but also offers a way to practice Yoga in a safe setting. There are no more expensive classes to travel to, and most studios offer the option of enrolling in the introductory course, and then adding on the other two books at your own pace.


While I believe that this book is an excellent introduction to Yoga, I’m less familiar with its author and have not personally used it to practice. I can, however, recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the basics of Yoga, but does not wish to enroll in an expensive class.


Daniel Joseph is an accomplished Yoga teacher, who has been teaching for over 15 years, but I don’t know if he has ever used his book as an introduction to Yoga. However, he is a well-known teacher who also has a Master’s Degree in Human Movement and has received many awards for his contribution to the field of physical fitness.


This review is based on an unbiased review of the book on a book review site. It is my opinion that the course described here is a good one and is a reasonably inexpensive choice for a beginner.


Although I am not a trained Yoga teacher, I do plan to use Anusara Yoga to teach others how to perform various poses. for personal practice.


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