COVID 19 Strain Brief Information About New Covid Strain

The growing infection of the coronavirus is already troubling people because it has infected more than 77.7 million people worldwide so far, more than 17 lakh people have died due to this virus. And now its new form found in Britain has raised further concern.

This new form of Corona is being described as more contagious and hence many countries including India have banned travelers coming from Britain.

Let’s know from the expert that the vaccine will be effective on this Kovid-19 virus being mutated? How can this new strain of corona be avoided? Apart from this, we also try to know from the expert that if the cold is more, then the risk of virus infection increases?

What Will The New Strain Of Corona Virus Say In Britain?

COVID 19 Strain

Dr. A. of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi K. Varshney says, ‘Viruses keep mutating to maintain their existence. Several strains of the coronavirus have been found before, but they did not have much effect.

The new cases that are now coming up in Britain are of infection with the newly mutated virus. It has been found that its spread intensity is very high. That is why the lockdown stage has arrived there.

Many countries have stopped international flights from the UK so that this new strain does not spread to other countries. Instead of being afraid of it, if we follow the rules, we can avoid all kinds of strains.

If The Covid-19 Strain Virus Is Mutating, Will The Vaccine work?

Dr. A. K. Varshney says, ‘Mutations of the virus and research by scientists are continuous processes. The influenza virus mutates more rapidly than the corona. Scientists are constantly studying it and every year a new vaccine for flu comes. Similarly, the study of Kovid-19 will also continue continuously and the vaccine will be changed according to the need.

Can Those Who Remain Ill Take A Bath In Winter With Cold Water? [New COVID19 Strain]

Dr. A. K. Varshney says, ‘When we are bathed with cold water during the winter season, there is a sudden drop in body temperature, which causes the arteries of our body to shrink, it suddenly reduces the circulation of blood to the heart, brain or other organs is. You may be at a disadvantage with this. Therefore, keep the body temperature compatible with the temperature of the season. Also, take a bath with lukewarm water. ‘

Is There An Increased Risk Of Virus Infection When The Cold Is More Severe? [New Covid Strain]

Dr. A. K. Varshney says, ‘All types of viruses live longer in cold weather. Most viruses spread rapidly during the winter season. Talking about North India, cold, cough, cold, fever are also more in November, December, January. Since Kovid-19 is a new virus, it is difficult to say how it will behave in the cold ahead. ‘

The Coronavirus has so far infected more than 777.7 million people worldwide, while more than 1.7 million people have succumbed to the disease and died. This epidemic has brought many changes in our lives.

Now how to protect and protect yourself from this disease, scientists or experts around the world have given all kinds of suggestions. Although all suggestions are useful, this is not necessary. So we are going to tell you some remedies, which can help you to protect against coronavirus.

Updated: December 27, 2020 — 4:53 pm

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